Thursday, June 11, 2009

Memorial Day Camping

So over Memorial Day weekend we went camping with Josh's family. We had a really good time. Karver seemed to enjoy himself as well. He fell asleep on a four-wheeler. When Josh was little, he use to go everywhere with his dad when he was still farming. On the way home he would fall asleep while riding on dad's motorcycle :)

Baggie mess

So the very next day after the egg incident, Karver decided to pull all the plastic baggies out of the box

Karver's egg disaster!

Where do I start? I need to be so much better at keeping up with this! Okay, well where do I start? How about a funny story about Karver. So about a month ago I was making cookies. Josh needed me in the living room so I stopped what I was doing and went to see what he needed. Karver had been in the kitchen with me while I was baking (unloading all my drawers and pulling out all my pots, stuff like that). After a few minutes, Josh and I realized that it was way too quite in the kitchen (that means trouble). So I went back to a beautiful surprise... Karver had reached up onto his tippy toes, grabbed the completely FULL carton of eggs and dumped them on the floor, then continued to walk in them, crunching the eggs under his feet. I had no idea he could reach onto the counter tops now! After he realized he was in trouble (I tried not to laugh so I could teach him a lesson) he picked up the empty gooey carton and put them back onto the counter for me, like "here you go mom, no harm done". He is turning into quite the mischevious one in his old age! JK

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Easter Photoshoot '09

Karver was tired!

The other day I had to run some errands so Josh's mom, Jana, said she would watch Karver for me. He loves to sit in the doggie bed there. I think he thinks it's his own personal chair since it's just his size. He was playing on his four-wheeler and scooting it over to the doggie bed. He must have decided he was tired and thought he'd crawl over the four-wheeler to get to the doggie bed. Well.... he didn't quite make it and fell asleep in the process. This is the first time he has done anything like this! Too funny! I'm so glad Grandma Jana got pics!